Hey everyone! Big news on this side of the existence plane: I've launched a new website. This is it. The one you're looking at right now. If you used the old site, the navigation layout is basically the same, with a few minor changes and a complete design overhaul. Admire the new logo, check out some of the new features.

The HOME PAGE is completely redesigned. So simple even your stupid brain can figure it out.

Check out the ABOUT page to see an updated bio, resume, and head shot (coming soon).

The VIDEOS page is updated. New layout and a few videos added. (In progress.)

The PODCAST and BLOG pages are completely updated and functional. Check them out!

NOTE: If you subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, please make sure the subscription continues! I did everything I could to make sure the transition was seamless on your end, but things go wrong. If you're not seeing new episodes, RESUBSCRIBE! Thanks.

The STORE is fully functional and totally revamped! Much simpler for you.

Want to talk to me? Book me? Head to the CONTACT page. Simple.

I've launched a brand new project, CROWDFUND MY LIFE. It's my version of a "DONATE" option, but it integrates that into the whole conflict of "I want to create, but I also have to earn a living." It's something I've had kicking around for a while, so I figured why not start it now? It will grow as time goes on.

I will continue to post horrible things on this website so keep coming back. If you want infrequent yet important updates sent directly to your inbox, join the MAILING LIST.

That's it! Really easy, right? Okay, I'm going outside. I haven't left my apartment in 5 days.

- Drew

Update 10.18.13

Hey everyone,

I’m in Columbus, OH this week doing shows at the Funny Bone with Bret Ernst. Come on out if you’d like. Here is the rest of my schedule this month:

October 17-20: Funny Bone (Columbus, OH)
October 22: Chicago Underground Comedy @ Beat Kitchen (Chicago, IL)
October 23-27: Zanies (Chicago, IL)
October 29: Sidebar @ Riverview Tavern (Chicago, IL)
November 1-2: Laugh Factory (Chicago, IL)

That’s all. Lick something tasty.

– Drew

Lovely Update!

My debut album, “Lovely”, is available worldwide TODAY, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 14. You can either download it on iTunes or order the physical copy here from my STORE.

Also, if you live in Chicago, I will be hosting two album release shows on FRIDAY, AUGUST 16 and SATURDAY, AUGUST 17.


Update: Thank You/Album/Podcast

Hey you fucking stupid shits!

Sorry. I wanted to, once again, thank everyone who came out and supported the album recordings in May. I finally got a chance to listen to everything and it sounds great. We just sent it to be mixed and mastered and we’re hoping to have that ready to go some time in June. Stay tight. All album information can always be found on the LOVELY PAGE.

I apologize about the lack of updates here. After the album recordings, I came down with mono and strep throat. So, between touring on the weekends, I’ve been mainly resting and trying to get everything ready for the album. Thus, I haven’t had a ton of time to give you guys any content. Not to worry! I talk about this, and more, on my NEWEST EPISODE OF MY PODCAST, “I MIGHT BE WRONG”. It’s a great one. It also includes audio from Saturday night’s album recording in which a stupid man walked through the emergency exit and tripped the fire alarm. Consider this a make-up gift for my negligence.

That’s all. I’ll be back at it next week. Thanks again for all your support.

Much love to all.



PS. Here is the updated album art.

LOVELY - Album Art.jpg